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Online reputation is as fragile as “real life” reputation. Similarly, once it’s gone bad, it takes quite an effort to return it to its once positive state. This is the case not only for an individual’s reputation, but even brand's reputation is a very delicate thing to maintain. When potential customers see negative reputation of a brand or service, they are far less likely to purchase. This is where SEO Company Guru, a professional online reputation management company, comes into play.  Our online reputation experts help improve and maintain your brand’s online credibility.

Integration of reputation management into your online marketing efforts is critical these days.  Over the course of the last few years, new clients have reported to us how even a single negative review on a website like Ripoff Report has undermined the years of credibility they’ve worked so hard to develop.  The fact of the matter, especially for small to medium sizes companies, is that unless you take immediate action you might not get a second chance to improve your online reputation once it takes a serious hit. Therefore, it’s best if brands are proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their online reputation management.

Reputation management allows you to control the information which your potential customers can see when they search for your brand or the product/services that you sell. When experts like SEO Company Guru handle your campaign, we know how to present the best information to them while carefully filtering out the badmouthing from a jealous competitor. That is all reputation management is about but it’s of pivotal importance and only a select few companies are capable of running a campaign effectively.

Our reputation management solution is not half-baked like many of our competitors. When we say reputation management, we provide:

  • Protection of your brand from social media comments.
  • Protection from various complaint registration sites.
  • Protection from grudges of ex-employees.
  • Handling poor or negative customer reviews.
  • Bloggers who purposefully write against you.
  • Forums where any negative discussion is catching fire.
  • Negative news reports.
  • Any other form of negative publicity which you might be facing.

For every reputation management project we manage, we treat it as if it’s our own brand.

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