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Whether you are just getting started and need help from a pro or your current PPC management agency just isn’t squeezing every dollar of value from your pay per click advertising budget, you should call us to get an analysis of your campaigns and competitive environment. It's Free!

Brands and small businesses alike can't ignore paid search as a critical marketing channel to remain competitive. From B2C e-commerce retailers to more B2B-oriented lead generation campaigns, SEO Company Guru delivers comprehensive full-service Pay Per Click Management services based on client-specific goals.

Our PPC Management Methodology

Hiring SEO Company Guru puts companies in a unique position to achieve results today while having campaigns developed for tomorrow. Successful PPC management services require that the agency has a full understanding of the client's business and goals.  Before we even consider beginning the discovery stage of any campaign we talk with our clients to gain an understanding of their business and identify specific goals using data derived from past campaigns, product margins, seasonality, competitive environment factors, etc.

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5 Steps to PPC Success

Analysis & Discovery/ Planning & Strategy

We research all elements of your business and aggressively engage with your team to learn everything about your business – goals, history, position in the marketplace, seasonal trends, etc. Competitor research is another critical element, so we examine your competitors’ keywords, ads and landing pages to help us differentiate your place within the paid search environment.

Keyword & Competitive Research

SEO Company Guru performs a comprehensive keyword analysis across all of the major search engines using the most advanced keyword research tools available.  We discover the keywords which are more likely to convert to sales or leads and optimize according them according to your PPC campaign goals.  We also look for the “hidden gems” that are part of the “long tail” and are often overlooked, yet have high potential to bring extremely targeted customers to your web site.


Based on our research, we develop a holistic strategy which includes keyword list development, ad creation, optimized campaign structure and landing page creation/optimization.  Each of these elements is strategically deployed so that during the course of your campaigns we can make informed business decisions.

Set Up & Deploy

Leveraging intelligence gathered during discovery, we move on to building keyword lists, creating ads and generating a custom strategy for campaign structure, keyword bids, and distribution channels. After an extensive QA process where we adjust campaign settings and test the campaign tracking mechanisms we have put in place (e.g., Google Analytics, revenue/conversion tracking), we push your campaigns live.

Optimize & Test

The core of any paid search campaign will be its ability and propensity to test.  With ongoing testing, your team’s experience facilitates adaptation from daily nimble changes to more comprehensive account transformations during the lifetime of your campaign.  Using the campaign goals, performance data, and testing results we are able to approach each adjustment as an informed business decision.  These decisions can impact everything from keyword bids to keyword inventory to landing page designs to quarterly budgets. The comprehensive optimization process is an ongoing pursuit throughout the life of the campaign. During this time we will be concurrently monitoring, testing and refining all elements of the campaign.

Are you ready to give your competitors a run for their money?  Make your paid search program work for you by signing up with SEO Company Guru.  Start enjoying the Paid Search program that will deliver you the service, expertise and strategy that your online presence needs.


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