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Dominate the SERPs in 2014 Using 3 White Hat SEO Strategies

SEO companies have finally come to the conclusion that they are not able to survive using black hat SEO strategies alone. There has been an increasingly widespread embrace of white hat SEO strategies to help increase ratings and visibility. SEO Company Guru has discovered the best white hat strategies that will basically ensure SERP dominance in 2014.

SEO Strategies in 2014

1. Earn Your Links:
SEO Company Guru is well aware of the fact that the only links that are worth having are the links that are truly earned. There is no point in having a link if it does not appear to be natural and organic. The only way that our customers are able to obtain these links to to have content created that people will actually want to read. Each site will need to have enough information and articles that will cause people to want to read the link that they clicked on, as well as browse the rest of the site to see what it has to offer. Companies are able to create high quality content, ask to be registered on moderated directory lists, and create partnerships with other companies that will result in reciprocal links. SEO Company Guru helps its customers generate more links through social media blasting and sending out emails with relevant articles to mailing lists, as well as by having a guest from an influential site create an article that will draw readership from all corners of the Web.

2. Increase Interest:
It is important for any and all SEO tactics to have an end goal with achievable benchmarks to measure progress. Some companies will want to push brand recognition, while others will simply want to educate customers regarding a product. Regardless of what the end goal is, it is important to become involved in the lives of those who need to have that interest sparked. This can be done by creating spaces for people to discuss new products, such as forums, and speaking to the customers directly so that they feel truly engaged. Engaged customers will keep coming back, and will be more likely to bring a friend. SEO Company Guru is able to help its clients build forums and ensure that the engagement needs of the customer are met.

3. Create Topical Category Links that Work:
SEO Company Guru is able to help its clients find out more about its customers and what they are looking for, as well as what they are interested in. All of this will help streamline the link-building process and ensure that effort is not being wasted on sites that are not frequented by members of the target audience.

Essentially, the way to be successful with white hat SEO strategies is to be as helpful and relevant to the customer as possible. Only by creating content that is meaningful and engaging, ensuring that the needs of the customer are met, will cause a company to catapult to the top of the SERPs and control the market.