Preventing “Right to Be Forgotten” Link Removals From Harming Your Website

Link removal campaigns are nothing new. Website owners have been forced to comply with numerous campaigns, such as the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act that has forced Google to censor results that show in Google.

Right to Be Forgotten
What is different is the “right to be forgotten” ruling that was recently implemented as a result of the European Council of Justice’s ruling. It states that search users need to be informed that they have the right to request removal of certain results.

The “right to be forgotten” allows for users to request that information considered “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant” be taken down by Google and removed entirely from the search results. This means that website with old content that may be outdated might find themselves completely removed from search engine results.

This ruling hasn’t been popular. Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, notes that he sees this ruling as “wrong”. Google has been a company that has historically been against blatant censorship of their search results.

The “right to be forgotten” becomes further complicated by the vague specifications set forth by the ruling. This means that websites that may only vaguely be interpreted as being out of date could be at risk for removal.

This means that news sites, technology- and science-related websites, as well as any other websites that deals with current news needs to keep not only their current stories updated, but also their old ones. Even Wikipedia pages that have slightly outdated information can be removed under this ruling.

It also means that any link building you do perform must be as precise as possible. This means that you should only target search phrases and terms that directly relate to the information found on your page.

The best way to avoid removal due to the “right to be forgotten” link removal campaign is by keeping your website current. You’ll need to update your on-page content, as well as your off-page factors to ensure that your website

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