Some Illicit Guidelines – Achieving The Desired Design And Content For Your Website!

Everyone desires to have his/her own website. Be it a business entity, a rock band or an entrepreneur, everyone is looking to expand their business by targeting a larger audience, by targeting the global market!

So, how does one turn their website into one’s precious? The straightforward and simple answer for this is to adhere to the guidelines of the Google Webmaster, so as to stay in the safer zone at first place.

Besides that, following the rules and regulations set by Google Webmaster, one can ensure that the website is following the footsteps of Google by performing the well reputed white hat techniques rather than performing black hat activities to increase the websites Page Authority (PA) and the Domain Authority (DA).

Time to take a deep look at the guidelines set forth by Google. Don’t forget, the Eye of Google, watches your website!

 Eye of Google, watches your website

In order to be his precious, you might want to adhere to these guidelines:

  • The composition of the site should be in a smooth manner, such that there is a suitable hierarchy which is being followed, as well as there are static text links, reaching out to every page of the website.
  • The website can be quite effective if one simply offers a site map to the users. As we know, site map helps connect the users with the important parts of the website. So the users will be able to visit all the important pages of the website by using a well linked site map. In case the site is possessing large number of links, try to segregate the site map in to different pages.
  • One important thing that I would like to bring to the reader’s notice is that please do not try to flood a page with tons of links .Try to keep things reasonable in order to accept positive outcome from the same .
  • The reason behind creating the website should be – being able to impart and welcome quality and relevant information. Hence, the pages so created for the website should be catering quality content that suits the need and purpose of that very page! All in all,     irrelevancy should be diminished so that things are crystal clear, without any scope of misunderstanding, thereby avoiding any possible malpractices.
  • In order to achieve optimization as well, try to keep in mind the words that the users might use to search for your website on the search engines while designing your website. A well planned and orderly approach towards building a website will bring in flying colors in no time!
  • While developing the website, one must be aware that the Google crawler doesn’t identify text contained in the images. Hence be aware of the fact that you might want to use ALT tags while using image texts. While displaying important names, content, links, it is recommended to use texts rather than images.
  • Try to bring out accuracy and precision while enlisting the <title> and <alt> tag attributes.
  • Try to avoid errors in HTML and also look out for broken links.
  • Try to limit the usage of dynamic pages as you must know that not many of the search engines spiders crawl dynamic pages so as to keep the parameters limited.

By following the above mentioned site development and content guidelines, one can be determined to create a website that he/she can be proud of and also expect quality results in the coming time through the website. With the eye of Google watching each and every step, things get more and more straightforward from here.


Do good, get good; do bad, fall bad! Do not be stubborn while choosing and operating in the right manner.

Try to avoid malpractices as you would not want to get penalized by Google, for it might just lead to a state from where things might get really difficult to rise and shine!