Some Common Objections Against SEO

In today’s contemporary world, the internet has become an integral component of our daily lives. In recognizing this truth, many business owners interested in maximizing profits are interested in accessing internet marketing services that will enable them to optimize conversion rates and boost their visibility online.


While many online advertising experts respond by noting that the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is the most fitting technique to implement, some people do not agree. Below you will find some common objections against SEO-and why you shouldn’t pay any attention to them.


1. SMO Is More Important.

These days, the rise of social media has resulted in the prevalence of a new online advertising term-social media optimization (SMO). Although defined broadly, SMO is basically the process of using mediums like Facebook and Twitter to advertise a business’s goods and services. And while these strategies can be highly cost-effective and time-efficient, they cannot replace SEO as the only internet marketing strategies you employ. As we have seen in previous eras, tried and true SEO techniques such as the creation of great content and link building are still incredibly efficacious in enabling business owners to attain page one ranking in the results pages of major engines like Google and Bing.

2. It’s Too Expensive.

In many cases, business owners are interested in utilizing internet marketing strategies but neglect to do so out of belief that the services will be too expensive. Yet in part because the online advertising services market is so competitive, it is oftentimes not difficult to get very reasonable prices on SEO products such as website redesign, reputation management, and content marketing.

3. Traditional Marketing Is Sufficient.

Although inbound marketing has gained prevalence and power in recent years, many people are still singing the praises of traditional forms of marketing. Some forms of traditional marketing that are still being used regularly include business cards, print ads, and radio and television commercials. Although each of these advertisement formats can be sufficient in elevating a company’s conversion rates, inbound marketing such as SEO practices is oftentimes much more effective. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that using strategies such as tweeting links to one’s product pages is an incredibly cost and time effective way to advertise one’s goods and services. Additionally, inbound marketing formats such as local SEO are incredibly effective in enabling business owners to reach their target market rather than broadcasting information to large multitudes of people who may be indifferent towards the message being disseminated.


If you are a business owner who wants to increase visibility and conversion in the online sector, you should note that the use of SEO strategies is still an incredibly practical and proven way to accomplish this objective. Because SEO companies are typically results-driven and detail-oriented, they can offer you the type of customized, efficacious services that enable you to realize your professional goals. Once this happens, your business will likely experience the perpetual growth and expansion you want. Good luck!