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Paid Search Get Fewer Clicks Than Organic Results: Read WHY?

The internet has brought a boom in the business marketing world. And with the emergence of search engines, it has completely vanished the old marketing tactics. People start searching on search engine platforms by submitting their issues and queries and the search engines displays back the results and delivers the best possible links.

Because of this reason search engines became the talk of the town instantly, and the essential means for the market analysts to drive traffic to their websites. If you can get your website on the top of the search engine results, then you will surely get high traffic. And if your site gets to the top of the search engines result then people will find and visit your website. This issue led the marketers to construct a Search Engine Marketing strategy. Search Engine Marketing is done with the help of two distinctive tools namely SEO(search engine optimization) and PPC(pay per click).

But the point of concern is that among these two tools, which one is the best for your business and which will going to generate high traffic for your website. There is no doubt that one is bad or another is great. After All both of these tools have their own pros and cons. But choosing a right search engine marketing strategy is not an easy task to do, since all your business depends upon a good marketing strategy. Should you choose both or one? Which is most suitable for you? All depends upon your needs and requirements; you need to understand which approach will suit your business.

Deciding among PPC and SEO is more than just comparing their pros and cons. You need to understand it in depth that which will going to benefit you been long term. You need to consider these five points given below before choosing one for your business marketing.


You have to find out, either the keywords are relevant for your business in the long term or short term before proceeding further. If your keyword is going to help you for a long period then you must go with SEO and invest your time in building SEO value for your site. Where in case your project is going to be a fixed or short term, then it is suggested that you must go with PPC. Since there is no need to invest the time in building up page’s SEO.


Same as objective, all you need to figure out is your budget as everything depends on it. If you have a big budget, or you’re not concerned about the budget, you should go with SEO although it sometimes takes eventually it will help you in the long run. And if your budget is limited then PPC is a great Search Engine Marketing tool for you.


Doesn’t matter either it is a search engine marketing strategy or a simple business marketing plan. You always need to have full knowledge regarding what your competitors are doing and what tool they are using in order to improve their ranking. This will surely have a massive impact on your choice. If you think you have quality people who are bidding on your PPC keywords, then it will cost high. And if the search results are full with high authority websites, you must try to break it from an SEO context but it could take the long time and it is also very tricky.

What you want?

Comparatively paid search get fewer clicks than organic results and this is due to lack of good quality advertisement. In order to know what is working for you, you need to work out and delve yourself deeper into your analytics. While working on analytics you need to stay focussed on basket spend, conversion rates and ultimately on revenue and profit. And if you can analyze up to this level you will be able to decide between SEO and PPC.

Lead Generation vs. Organic Visibility

Lead generation and organic visibility are two very different things. Some businesses need lead generation to reach customers, but other businesses work very well through organic visibility. We think of organic visibility as the thing that happens when word spreads naturally. Lead generation creates cold calls and directed marketing campaigns. You need to decide whether you want to use generated leads or create a culture where your business is discovered organically by customers.

Lead Generation

Businesses that work through lead generation have to do a great deal of work to create leads. They must research their customer base, and they must reach out to those customers all alone. These customers get cold calls and emails that try to pitch them a product. These customers are often so immune to these things that they never pay them any mind. Customers would much rather discover a business and remain loyal to it long into the future.

Lead Generation

Organic Visibility

When you are trying to create organic visibility, you need to remember that this is often achieved with SEO. Your potential customers are on the Internet every day looking for all manner of things. They use web searches to find the things they are looking for, and you want to make sure that your business is visible when those search results come back.

Organic SEO

Working with a marketer to make your business more visible involves more than using keywords in online articles. You want to make sure that your business is visible on social media, as well. Many customers would never find you, but they have friends on social media who will share information about your business. This information leads new customers to visit your website, and your sales will likely increase.

The Combination

If you are looking for a good combination of marketing and SEO options, you need to use organic visibility to make your business more popular. People will find your business through web searches, or they might hear about you on social media. This means that you can make your business more popular without sending unsolicited advertising to new customers and unknown email addresses.