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Some Illicit Guidelines – Achieving The Desired Design And Content For Your Website!

Everyone desires to have his/her own website. Be it a business entity, a rock band or an entrepreneur, everyone is looking to expand their business by targeting a larger audience, by targeting the global market!

So, how does one turn their website into one’s precious? The straightforward and simple answer for this is to adhere to the guidelines of the Google Webmaster, so as to stay in the safer zone at first place.

Besides that, following the rules and regulations set by Google Webmaster, one can ensure that the website is following the footsteps of Google by performing the well reputed white hat techniques rather than performing black hat activities to increase the websites Page Authority (PA) and the Domain Authority (DA).

Time to take a deep look at the guidelines set forth by Google. Don’t forget, the Eye of Google, watches your website!

 Eye of Google, watches your website

In order to be his precious, you might want to adhere to these guidelines:

  • The composition of the site should be in a smooth manner, such that there is a suitable hierarchy which is being followed, as well as there are static text links, reaching out to every page of the website.
  • The website can be quite effective if one simply offers a site map to the users. As we know, site map helps connect the users with the important parts of the website. So the users will be able to visit all the important pages of the website by using a well linked site map. In case the site is possessing large number of links, try to segregate the site map in to different pages.
  • One important thing that I would like to bring to the reader’s notice is that please do not try to flood a page with tons of links .Try to keep things reasonable in order to accept positive outcome from the same .
  • The reason behind creating the website should be – being able to impart and welcome quality and relevant information. Hence, the pages so created for the website should be catering quality content that suits the need and purpose of that very page! All in all,     irrelevancy should be diminished so that things are crystal clear, without any scope of misunderstanding, thereby avoiding any possible malpractices.
  • In order to achieve optimization as well, try to keep in mind the words that the users might use to search for your website on the search engines while designing your website. A well planned and orderly approach towards building a website will bring in flying colors in no time!
  • While developing the website, one must be aware that the Google crawler doesn’t identify text contained in the images. Hence be aware of the fact that you might want to use ALT tags while using image texts. While displaying important names, content, links, it is recommended to use texts rather than images.
  • Try to bring out accuracy and precision while enlisting the <title> and <alt> tag attributes.
  • Try to avoid errors in HTML and also look out for broken links.
  • Try to limit the usage of dynamic pages as you must know that not many of the search engines spiders crawl dynamic pages so as to keep the parameters limited.

By following the above mentioned site development and content guidelines, one can be determined to create a website that he/she can be proud of and also expect quality results in the coming time through the website. With the eye of Google watching each and every step, things get more and more straightforward from here.


Do good, get good; do bad, fall bad! Do not be stubborn while choosing and operating in the right manner.

Try to avoid malpractices as you would not want to get penalized by Google, for it might just lead to a state from where things might get really difficult to rise and shine!

A Better Way To Do Keyword Research For Your Business

Recently, Google updated its search algorithm known as “Humming bird”. As soon as it rolled out in market created lots of panic worldwide. Humming bird algorithm is mainly targeting longer tail queries in Google search.

A Better Way To Do Keyword Research

In order to achieve better ranking in the Google search the web pages needs to be optimized. In this post I have tried to explain few possible ways to do keyword research as per humming bird update.

Research Keywords:

First do a fine research on keywords which are related to your business and try to use the Google keyword planner as it generate a wide range of keyword list. Generally Google users run easy queries on search engine, so you have to use all potential keyword which can bring maximum profit to your organization.

Creative idea based approach toward research on keywords is very important. First check your competitors sites and blogs and then you will able to fetch a list of keyword in your mind that can used for website. Based on that you can now plan for the keywords through Google keyword planner.

Now focus on the various search engines strategy and go for the top priority keywords which are more user friendly and approachable. Few of the search engines technique:

1. Try related searches in Yahoo,Google, Bing.
2. Google auto-complete queries or instant search results.
3. Try to check top competitors and note their meta keywords.
4. SEM rush will provide you keywords from the unique keyword database.


Now it is the right time to refine your keywords and pick only those which are relevant to your business or service. Try not get jumbled up by the keyword tools as after all they are not humans and sometimes what happen that they show keywords which are not even related to business.

Google keyword planner is very easy to use and but can also mislead you sometime. For example new year gifts can be searched 350 k in December but only 100 k in July it is all based on the seasonal searches and volume of searches can vary from month to month. It also give list of keyword which other competitors are bidding for and if you are planning for organic SEO than metric is useless.

Instead of going for top search keyword, try less popular keyword as they don’t receive huge searches but it is easy to squeeze them and rank your website in top 10.


Now you have researched your potential keywords, it is time to do some research on the volume metric of that keyword. Don’t rely on the old searches instead use keyword effectiveness index which is more reliable and giving you the opportunity to prioritize your keyword. Some of the keywords are cost based as competitors already bidden for it in Google Ad-words.


Try to formulate your keywords and just give best to outrank your competitors. Here are the few factors that can help you do that and your website can get top ranking in search results. Backlink is the one of the factors, if you have good quality and unique content users love to share it and thus it directly benefit your business through a back link from other website. On-page SEO analyze your meta keywords, titles, content and try to relate them to your finalized keyword.

If you are new to modern SEO strategy, then you can try the ideas and tips given above and remove the earlier stuff and try low competition keyword that will surely bring lot of impressions.

Some Common Objections Against SEO

In today’s contemporary world, the internet has become an integral component of our daily lives. In recognizing this truth, many business owners interested in maximizing profits are interested in accessing internet marketing services that will enable them to optimize conversion rates and boost their visibility online.


While many online advertising experts respond by noting that the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is the most fitting technique to implement, some people do not agree. Below you will find some common objections against SEO-and why you shouldn’t pay any attention to them.


1. SMO Is More Important.

These days, the rise of social media has resulted in the prevalence of a new online advertising term-social media optimization (SMO). Although defined broadly, SMO is basically the process of using mediums like Facebook and Twitter to advertise a business’s goods and services. And while these strategies can be highly cost-effective and time-efficient, they cannot replace SEO as the only internet marketing strategies you employ. As we have seen in previous eras, tried and true SEO techniques such as the creation of great content and link building are still incredibly efficacious in enabling business owners to attain page one ranking in the results pages of major engines like Google and Bing.

2. It’s Too Expensive.

In many cases, business owners are interested in utilizing internet marketing strategies but neglect to do so out of belief that the services will be too expensive. Yet in part because the online advertising services market is so competitive, it is oftentimes not difficult to get very reasonable prices on SEO products such as website redesign, reputation management, and content marketing.

3. Traditional Marketing Is Sufficient.

Although inbound marketing has gained prevalence and power in recent years, many people are still singing the praises of traditional forms of marketing. Some forms of traditional marketing that are still being used regularly include business cards, print ads, and radio and television commercials. Although each of these advertisement formats can be sufficient in elevating a company’s conversion rates, inbound marketing such as SEO practices is oftentimes much more effective. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that using strategies such as tweeting links to one’s product pages is an incredibly cost and time effective way to advertise one’s goods and services. Additionally, inbound marketing formats such as local SEO are incredibly effective in enabling business owners to reach their target market rather than broadcasting information to large multitudes of people who may be indifferent towards the message being disseminated.


If you are a business owner who wants to increase visibility and conversion in the online sector, you should note that the use of SEO strategies is still an incredibly practical and proven way to accomplish this objective. Because SEO companies are typically results-driven and detail-oriented, they can offer you the type of customized, efficacious services that enable you to realize your professional goals. Once this happens, your business will likely experience the perpetual growth and expansion you want. Good luck!

The Next Generation of SEO: Emerging Trends

SEO: Emerging Trends

The truth of today is that business is moving to the virtual world. Nothing seems to be growing quite as fast as the internet, and as the internet grows, it becomes more important. Every good business owner realizes that they need to have an internet presence, if they wish to grow. Yet, managing the internet for a business is far from easy. There are numerous contenders, all competing for a spot in the search engine, and it’s quite easy for websites to become lost in shuffle. That’s what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for. Ever since Google released Penguin, SEO tactics have changed immeasurably and continue to change, making it almost impossible to keep up with.

So how does SEO work?

One of the services offered is the link building service. Link building is one of the best ways to generate traffic for websites. Search engines use links to a site as sort of ‘votes’ for its popularity. The more links to a particular website, the higher it will be in the search results.

Another service is Social Media Marketing. Social Media has become incredibly important in our society. Countless numbers of people are involved in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and dozens of other networks. These can be some of the best ways to reach people, if used properly. Not only can business owners become involved with their clients and learn what clients think and want, but they can make new clients. Social Media is an excellent way to spread news and connect in ways that have never been possible.

There is Online Reputation management also. This is the suppression of vindictive or vengeful reviews that can go miles to ruin the reputation of a business or a person. A single bad review could chase away many potential customers.

A bad website can also hurt business. After all, if a customer tries to log onto a website and can’t transverse it or access it, the customer will probably leave. On the other-hand, if a website is crisp, updated, and modern, it will attract customers. A first impression can make or break.

There are many other tactics, but these mentioned should help to explain SEO. SEO is actually fairly simple, conceptually—but to perform, it is totally different. In a world where the internet becomes increasingly powerful, so does SEO; even as it becomes harder to execute.

Dominate the SERPs in 2014 Using 3 White Hat SEO Strategies

SEO companies have finally come to the conclusion that they are not able to survive using black hat SEO strategies alone. There has been an increasingly widespread embrace of white hat SEO strategies to help increase ratings and visibility. SEO Company Guru has discovered the best white hat strategies that will basically ensure SERP dominance in 2014.

SEO Strategies in 2014

1. Earn Your Links:
SEO Company Guru is well aware of the fact that the only links that are worth having are the links that are truly earned. There is no point in having a link if it does not appear to be natural and organic. The only way that our customers are able to obtain these links to to have content created that people will actually want to read. Each site will need to have enough information and articles that will cause people to want to read the link that they clicked on, as well as browse the rest of the site to see what it has to offer. Companies are able to create high quality content, ask to be registered on moderated directory lists, and create partnerships with other companies that will result in reciprocal links. SEO Company Guru helps its customers generate more links through social media blasting and sending out emails with relevant articles to mailing lists, as well as by having a guest from an influential site create an article that will draw readership from all corners of the Web.

2. Increase Interest:
It is important for any and all SEO tactics to have an end goal with achievable benchmarks to measure progress. Some companies will want to push brand recognition, while others will simply want to educate customers regarding a product. Regardless of what the end goal is, it is important to become involved in the lives of those who need to have that interest sparked. This can be done by creating spaces for people to discuss new products, such as forums, and speaking to the customers directly so that they feel truly engaged. Engaged customers will keep coming back, and will be more likely to bring a friend. SEO Company Guru is able to help its clients build forums and ensure that the engagement needs of the customer are met.

3. Create Topical Category Links that Work:
SEO Company Guru is able to help its clients find out more about its customers and what they are looking for, as well as what they are interested in. All of this will help streamline the link-building process and ensure that effort is not being wasted on sites that are not frequented by members of the target audience.

Essentially, the way to be successful with white hat SEO strategies is to be as helpful and relevant to the customer as possible. Only by creating content that is meaningful and engaging, ensuring that the needs of the customer are met, will cause a company to catapult to the top of the SERPs and control the market.

How To Compete Against Popular Websites With Limited Resources

When it comes to achieving and maintaining a successful online presence, small websites are often overwhelmed by their larger, more popular competitors. It’s an issue that has plagued the e-commerce community since its inception; however, because of newly developed markets such as mobile advertising and social networking, competing against well-known websites just doesn’t look possible. That is, unless you’re Matt Cutts.

According to Matt Cutts, Google’s search spam spokesperson, small websites have every opportunity to successfully compete against their mega counterparts. Here are some of the details.

Please see the video below:

It’s About Experience, Quality, and Insight

Before you begin any sort of campaign that’s designed to compete against a popular website, acknowledge what it is you need to do. Evaluate a few of the larger sites TO see what makes them so popular. Ask questions about what they offer and how existing designs facilitate the things that they offer.

Then ask how you can compensate for those things on your own website. According to Matt, smaller websites that became the behemoths we’re familiar with now focused on improving user experience, publishing higher quality content, and producing resources that provided deeper insight. You are strongly encouraged to do the same.

Be Realistic

If you run a website alone or with a small team, you’ll admittedly face what seems like a mountain of challenges. It’s simply unrealistic for a one-manned website to effectively compete with a site like Wikipedia, Amazon or even Yahoo. That’s why Matt recommends that small websites not only focus on a specific niche, but cover that niche inside and out as well.

This gives you a great platform to work with in addition to an opportunity to expand at a later time. Expansions can include things like more tools, media and anything else that accomplishes the goals described above (an improved user experience, higher quality content, and deeper insight). This timely growth increases authority and attracts more visitors.

Work towards Providing Lots of Superior Content

Perhaps the most revealing bit of information from Matt is the revelation that larger sites rank higher than smaller sites. Webmasters have debated this issue for years with some claiming size simply doesn’t matter. According to these “small size works great” theorists, it’s the quality that matters. In his “How can small sites become popular?” video, however, Matt implies that small sites cannot outrank larger sites and need lots of superior content before things are on any kind of an even playing field.


Chances are you won’t be able to do everything that’s required on your own, so you’ll need to consider hiring some help. Outside assistance can help you improve your content’s existing quality and create better media. It can additionally help you with SEO and link building so that the right people can find you. Think about that in addition to building a strong social media marketing presence, a lean pay-per-click advertising campaign, and perhaps a complete website redesign if necessary.

How well you employ these concepts defines how well you can and will rise above your current position in relation to your competitors.