A Better Way To Do Keyword Research For Your Business

Recently, Google updated its search algorithm known as “Humming bird”. As soon as it rolled out in market created lots of panic worldwide. Humming bird algorithm is mainly targeting longer tail queries in Google search.

A Better Way To Do Keyword Research

In order to achieve better ranking in the Google search the web pages needs to be optimized. In this post I have tried to explain few possible ways to do keyword research as per humming bird update.

Research Keywords:

First do a fine research on keywords which are related to your business and try to use the Google keyword planner as it generate a wide range of keyword list. Generally Google users run easy queries on search engine, so you have to use all potential keyword which can bring maximum profit to your organization.

Creative idea based approach toward research on keywords is very important. First check your competitors sites and blogs and then you will able to fetch a list of keyword in your mind that can used for website. Based on that you can now plan for the keywords through Google keyword planner.

Now focus on the various search engines strategy and go for the top priority keywords which are more user friendly and approachable. Few of the search engines technique:

1. Try related searches in Yahoo,Google, Bing.
2. Google auto-complete queries or instant search results.
3. Try to check top competitors and note their meta keywords.
4. SEM rush will provide you keywords from the unique keyword database.


Now it is the right time to refine your keywords and pick only those which are relevant to your business or service. Try not get jumbled up by the keyword tools as after all they are not humans and sometimes what happen that they show keywords which are not even related to business.

Google keyword planner is very easy to use and but can also mislead you sometime. For example new year gifts can be searched 350 k in December but only 100 k in July it is all based on the seasonal searches and volume of searches can vary from month to month. It also give list of keyword which other competitors are bidding for and if you are planning for organic SEO than metric is useless.

Instead of going for top search keyword, try less popular keyword as they don’t receive huge searches but it is easy to squeeze them and rank your website in top 10.


Now you have researched your potential keywords, it is time to do some research on the volume metric of that keyword. Don’t rely on the old searches instead use keyword effectiveness index which is more reliable and giving you the opportunity to prioritize your keyword. Some of the keywords are cost based as competitors already bidden for it in Google Ad-words.


Try to formulate your keywords and just give best to outrank your competitors. Here are the few factors that can help you do that and your website can get top ranking in search results. Backlink is the one of the factors, if you have good quality and unique content users love to share it and thus it directly benefit your business through a back link from other website. On-page SEO analyze your meta keywords, titles, content and try to relate them to your finalized keyword.

If you are new to modern SEO strategy, then you can try the ideas and tips given above and remove the earlier stuff and try low competition keyword that will surely bring lot of impressions.