Paid Search Get Fewer Clicks Than Organic Results: Read WHY?

The internet has brought a boom in the business marketing world. And with the emergence of search engines, it has completely vanished the old marketing tactics. People start searching on search engine platforms by submitting their issues and queries and the search engines displays back the results and delivers the best possible links. Because of […]

A Better Way To Do Keyword Research For Your Business

Recently, Google updated its search algorithm known as “Humming bird”. As soon as it rolled out in market created lots of panic worldwide. Humming bird algorithm is mainly targeting longer tail queries in Google search. In order to achieve better ranking in the Google search the web pages needs to be optimized. In this post […]

Some Common Objections Against SEO

In today’s contemporary world, the internet has become an integral component of our daily lives. In recognizing this truth, many business owners interested in maximizing profits are interested in accessing internet marketing services that will enable them to optimize conversion rates and boost their visibility online. While many online advertising experts respond by noting that […]

Lead Generation vs. Organic Visibility

Lead generation and organic visibility are two very different things. Some businesses need lead generation to reach customers, but other businesses work very well through organic visibility. We think of organic visibility as the thing that happens when word spreads naturally. Lead generation creates cold calls and directed marketing campaigns. You need to decide whether […]

The Next Generation of SEO: Emerging Trends

SEO: Emerging Trends The truth of today is that business is moving to the virtual world. Nothing seems to be growing quite as fast as the internet, and as the internet grows, it becomes more important. Every good business owner realizes that they need to have an internet presence, if they wish to grow. Yet, […]

Google Eradicates Author Images from Search Results

Google has taken a step away from its integration of Google+ with its search results in favor of those using mobile devices to view the site. Google has ceased the inclusion of author profile photos and circle counts from Google+.  According to John Mueller, Google has ended the practice of displaying the photos and circle […]

Preventing “Right to Be Forgotten” Link Removals From Harming Your Website

Link removal campaigns are nothing new. Website owners have been forced to comply with numerous campaigns, such as the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act that has forced Google to censor results that show in Google. What is different is the “right to be forgotten” ruling that was recently implemented as a result of the European […]

Why Websites are Seeing Major Shifts in Rankings Even Though Google Says There’s Been No Penguin Update

Webmasters are noticing changes in how their website ranks. These changes have appeared to hit websites that were previously penalized during the last Penguin update, which has led these webmasters to believe that there has been yet another Penguin update.    Google has responded to these worries of a new Penguin update by stating there […]